Who are we ?

Created in March 2001, Willway Avocats relies on the solid duo of its two partners, Eric Pouliquen and Philippe Axelroude, who over the years have developed a reputed practice in labour law.

While with his command of the economic aspects of the dossiers, Eric Pouliquen stands out for his expertise in labour and trade union relations, his familiarity with URSSAF*, Philippe Axelroude shows his legal pragmatism both in individual work relationships and associated individual contentious cases and in the collective contentious cases – complex and risky.

* Unions de Recouvrement des Cotisations de Sécurité Sociale et d'Allocations Familiales - Organisation for the payment of social security and family benefit contributions


What do we do for you ?


We offer enterprises a complete
service .

Willway Avocats provides enterprises of all sizes and their managers with concrete and innovative solutions in labour law and social security law – including in English. 

We go hand in hand with the managers and executives ...

Willway Avocats assists business executives and managers in the various stages of their professional career. 


Our expertises 


Individual working relationships


Industrial and trade union relationships


Hygiene Safety Environment

URSSAF and Social Security Litigation


Individual working relationships

We advise you on the drafting of your employment contracts (variable remuneration, working hours, non-competition, intellectual property, delegation of powers...) and for the special contractual statuses (executives’ contracts, travelling sales representatives, journalists, estate agents, concierges...).

We assist you in amending the clauses in an employment contract through every phase of the contract’s life (individualisation of remunerations, bonuses, "incentives", changes in purpose clauses or sectors of activity, development of functions, modification of working-time clauses...) and take into account the events during the performance of the employment contract (management of absences, disciplinary regulations, training rights...).

We assist you in terminating employment contracts (dismissal, agreed termination, acknowledged termination of contract, retirement and resignation) and participate in negotiating the financial conditions for termination (transaction).

We assess the risks of litigation and represent you before the various tribunals (Conseil de Prud'hommes [Industrial tribunal], Tribunal d'Instance [First instance], Tribunal de Grande Instance [High Court], Tribunal de Police [Police court], Tribunal Correctionnel [Criminal court], Cour d'Appel [Appeal court]).

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Industrial and Trade Union Relations

On a daily basis we assist you in your relations with the institutions representing your employees (Staff delegates -DP ; Unique Staff Delegation - DUP ; Health & Safety Committee - CHSCT ; Works Council - CE ; Central Workers’ Council - CCE ; Group Committee - CG ; European Works Council - CEE ; Shop Stewards - DS ; transitory union representatives - RSS)

We assist you in the information procedures / yearly consultations of the Health & Safety Committee and Works Council or of the Unique Staff Delegation, and during exceptional consultation procedures. We assist you in your compulsory annual negotiations, as well as in negotiating and drafting collective enterprise agreements. We help you put into practice the "Base de Données Economiques et Sociales" - Economic and Social Database (BDES/BDU [Base des Données Unique – Unique Database]).

We advise you as to the staff representatives’ status and specific legal protection.

We also assist you when your HR policies are revised (reorganisation of positions and functions, organisation of geographic mobility, revision of working hours, denunciation or revision of collective agreements and practices, modification of remuneration policy etc...) and when setting up a Redundancy Scheme (Plan de Sauvegarde de l'Emploi), a Voluntary Departure Scheme (Plan de Départ Volontaire), or a Previsional Headcount and/or Future Capabilities Scheme (Accord de GPEC).

We can carry out a compliance and best practices audit on your industrial and trade union relations, and work with the management of the business or establishment on a day-by-day basis – including in time of crisis or labour disputes

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We help you to deal with the legislative and regulatory environment concerning hygiene and safety at work.

We answer your legal questions about the organisation of risk prevention in the enterprise (Single Document, Risk prevention Plan, Business Continuity Plan, emergence of psycho-social risks, harassment, organisation of delegations of powers...).

We advise you in your relations with the Health & Safety Committee - CHSCT, the Labour Inspector, the Industrial Doctor, the CARSAT (Caisse d'assurance retraite et de la santé au travail ), etc...

In the face of the recrudescence of industrial accident and professional illness litigation (contentions concerning the recognition of industrial accident / professional illness – employer’s gross negligence), we organise your defence – both civil and criminal.

We assist the directors and management when their personal criminal liability is concerned.

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URSSAF and Social Security Litigation

We assist you in the event of URSSAF controls and in litigation concerning social security contributions.

We also advice you concerning your liability to social security contributions.

We help you to find your way among the various schemes - employee, independent, expatriate....

With our partners, we assist you in the field of complementary social protection. We analyse the legal consequences of reorganisations of enterprises for the employee complementary pension and social protection schemes, and we conduct a dialogue with the various authorities.

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